Friday, July 23, 2010


from "Bonunza"! This is the newest "Sister" added recently to the "order".
She wears her special hat, bandana, and carries her "lasso" for wrangling in lost souls!
Other "sisters" are waiting in the wings to be added to the group. However, somehow that summer weather, special events, and good books seem to be getting in the way!
....a special order is on the way for a great client, though....special ornaments for "brothers" instead of "sisters", Diane, if you are reading this, just know they are right by the machine, and should be ready for their "photo op" next week! :)


  1. This is cleverly cute! It's a great one for all the cowgirls out there.

  2. I have been laughing about "Bonunza", She's already for the Calgary Stampede. Just did a post on two great runaway nuns from France. I thought of you when I was writing it.
    Keep on making me laugh...

  3. I love how her lasso is to 'wrangle in lost souls'......perfect!

    A great addition to The Order Linda!


  4. Thanks, Sue! Just went to a "Bayfest" weekend and saw two country acts...Keith Urban and Alan Jackson. Could see having favorite CD covers in her hands as well instead of the lasso! Oh, yeah....did I mention that I was able to meet Keith Urban in person AGAIN??? :)

  5. Hi Linda,

    We just got back from vacation with all the kids and their friends. I got your etsy convo but can't remember my password. After I have a few days to clean through all the papers/problems on my desk I'll attack that little problem. I have it written down somewhere. I had the idea to reply to you through your comment section and what a pleasant surprise to see my name. I can't wait to see brothers. We'll be very busy 'til the end of August so don't rush on my account. Just wanted to let you know I'm still here.

    Bonunza looks like she could be a boot scootin sister from Texas, y'all! You are sooo creative!

  6. Good to hear from you! I know about the password thing! I have the same problem from time to time! On to attempt number two for the "brother". I think that I have it figured out now....look for something next week!