Monday, July 12, 2010

Gardener Extraordinaire...

like "Sister Virginia Creeper", I am not. However, since many plants were planted back when I thought that I might have a desire (what was I thinking??) to be a gardener, all of those garden beds now need "keeping up". Getting rid of the "bindweed" is a daily event, and thanks to some recent rain, the plants that really needed water will survive. There is just one other issue with which to deal...another plant which must be banished from the yard. Instead, of banishing it, however, it has been "trained" to climb a little trellis in the yard against the fence. This "clematis" has, oddly enough, never bloomed this year, even though the other ones have. The vine grows and grows, and it is manipulated into the lattice for support, and there is anticipation for the blooms which will surely occur. However, this has proven to be a "rash" decision on my part. This lovely vine, as it turns out, appears now to be poison ivy! The upside is the lessons one learns from such a mistake...all of the ways that one might remedy the dreaded "itch" of the contact with the plant, and all of the "google" images that now tell me how to recognize poison ivy. (who knew that it grew as a vine??? ...well, I do now!)
Now, where did I put that calamine lotion....??


  1. Wow, I didn't know that either! YIKES - pay a landscaper to take it away!

  2. The landscaper might be my husband....better safe than sorry as far as it possibly being poison ivy...but it is lurking somewhere in the yard!

  3. OMG...Linda, this is so something I would do (confuse poison ivy with a 'gentler' plant). Did it actually 'get' you? In the meantime, I'm wondering if there is an
    Ivy Itch sister in the background somewhere?



  4. Yes, it "got" me! Dealing with the aftermath of that encounter now! After the rain we have had, there are lots more weeds to eliminate...hope that I don't run into more of this particular one!

  5. Oh, my poor Friendly Sister, is poison ivy contagous? If so, you have 2 months to recover, or you will be sitting not so pretty. Did you miss the Sister Ivy Itch suggestion - perfect.

  6. is not contagious, thank goodness! Love that suggestion of the name...maybe "Sister Ivan Itch"....:)