Monday, July 26, 2010

Nuns on the Run!

Just a quick entry to direct you to Priscilla Mae's blog posted recently. Briefly, it tells the tale of two nuns who were going to be sent away to a "retirement" residence of sorts, much to their dismay. These feisty ladies were having "nun" of that! Have a look at the article and the great picture to hear the whole story!
....and while you are visiting the blog, do have a look at the two new designs that Meg has been creating, posted in her latest entry. Love the new pillows, and the addition of the Eiffel tower prop gets me every time!

Friday, July 23, 2010


from "Bonunza"! This is the newest "Sister" added recently to the "order".
She wears her special hat, bandana, and carries her "lasso" for wrangling in lost souls!
Other "sisters" are waiting in the wings to be added to the group. However, somehow that summer weather, special events, and good books seem to be getting in the way!
....a special order is on the way for a great client, though....special ornaments for "brothers" instead of "sisters", Diane, if you are reading this, just know they are right by the machine, and should be ready for their "photo op" next week! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gardener Extraordinaire...

like "Sister Virginia Creeper", I am not. However, since many plants were planted back when I thought that I might have a desire (what was I thinking??) to be a gardener, all of those garden beds now need "keeping up". Getting rid of the "bindweed" is a daily event, and thanks to some recent rain, the plants that really needed water will survive. There is just one other issue with which to deal...another plant which must be banished from the yard. Instead, of banishing it, however, it has been "trained" to climb a little trellis in the yard against the fence. This "clematis" has, oddly enough, never bloomed this year, even though the other ones have. The vine grows and grows, and it is manipulated into the lattice for support, and there is anticipation for the blooms which will surely occur. However, this has proven to be a "rash" decision on my part. This lovely vine, as it turns out, appears now to be poison ivy! The upside is the lessons one learns from such a mistake...all of the ways that one might remedy the dreaded "itch" of the contact with the plant, and all of the "google" images that now tell me how to recognize poison ivy. (who knew that it grew as a vine??? ...well, I do now!)
Now, where did I put that calamine lotion....??

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lessons from the Nuns....

are easily found in this presentation of "Late Night Catechism". Thanks to Meg who sent along this link and reminded me about this great show, which I have yet to see! I believe that it is basically a "one-woman" show, and the idea is that "Sister" presents her lessons, all the while interacting with the audience, just as a Catholic Nun would have done "back in the day" (or perhaps even today???), chiding them for wearing skirts too short, taking away cellphones (all in good fun!) and having someone face the blackboard as punishment...perhaps for chewing gum. In addition to having some fun with this premise, there are lessons in catechism along the way, and in this clip, you will hear that questions are asked of "Sister", and she answers them in a factual, but humorous, way. This show has never been performed around my town, but I would love to see it someday. The "Nun of a Kind" figures, however, have made it into the hands of some of the people involved in this show as gifts for producers, etc.
Enjoy the video! (I have yet to master actually being able to have a "screen" ready to go on a blog like many others do. (like Sue, from "Barton Originals") Technically, I am inept. Pray for me!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Garden of "Weedin"

A quick post about the weed mentioned in a gardening post earlier on....the one that I have been "chasing" all through all of the gardens in the back yard. Mentioned it to people at the nursery, and they assured me that it was, in fact, morning glory, and that it seeds very easily. Wish it were that! Upon further research, and reading of many "posts" about this, have found out that this is "bind weed"....and it does just that! Wraps itself around plants, and if allowed to flower (and yes, it does look like morning glory!) then goes to seed, and spreads...everywhere! Various suggestions....spray, pull, don't pull, take out all of the plants and start again (are they kidding me??) and finally, this last bit of advice, which I am taking to heart.
quoted from a gardening post by someone named "Michelle"...however, I might change out the "beer" part of the method to "wine".

I use the organic and coffee approach.
In the morning, drink coffee, pull bind weed.
In the evening, drink beer, pull bind weed.
The means justify the end. :-)