Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stylin' Angels....

complete with lips, and toenails, and cleavage...oh my! Proves that even fancy angels, with their makeup, and daring clothing, can be admitted through the "pearly gates".
This little angel is completely soft-sculpted, and features a taffeta gown, ruby red lips, and painted toenails.
This little angel does not make it to many shows, simply because of the time involved to create each one. The angels that have been exhibited have been called "Cheeky Cherubs", "Floosie Fairies", and "Heavenly Hotties". I am sure that there are several other names that could be applied! They fly off at each show because they are great as an ornament, or hanging from light fixtures, etc. to add that little conversation piece for friends who might appreciate having a non-traditional angel in their collection! Currently available in my "Etsy" shop in a "duo pack"....


  1. These "ladies", and I do use the term loosely, look wonderfully naughty and ample enough to remind us of ourselves. I think these would be a wonderful present for my big sister.....
    Great product....

  2. Quite a change from the real ladies in black and white! Fun to make, although a lot of handwork, so often get put on the "back burner"!
    Hope that you are enjoying the summer weather! Any shakes your way yesterday?

  3. LOL, these 'grand dames' are wonderful Linda!

    I bet they are fun to create too (especially the makeup part!). Definitely quite a change from The Sisters!



  4. Thanks, Sue! Yes, a change from the "Sisters", these "ladies" do wear different colors! Just wish I could figure out this "blogger" site so that an article turns out the way that I planned it! The feet were the first picture!....techno-peasant that I am, sooner or later, I will "get it"!
    Hope that you are feeling better!

  5. Hi Linda,
    Check this out .... you might find it appropriate for your blog.

  6. Thanks, Meg! Will check that out! Thanks for the "lead"!