Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stylin' Angels....

complete with lips, and toenails, and cleavage...oh my! Proves that even fancy angels, with their makeup, and daring clothing, can be admitted through the "pearly gates".
This little angel is completely soft-sculpted, and features a taffeta gown, ruby red lips, and painted toenails.
This little angel does not make it to many shows, simply because of the time involved to create each one. The angels that have been exhibited have been called "Cheeky Cherubs", "Floosie Fairies", and "Heavenly Hotties". I am sure that there are several other names that could be applied! They fly off at each show because they are great as an ornament, or hanging from light fixtures, etc. to add that little conversation piece for friends who might appreciate having a non-traditional angel in their collection! Currently available in my "Etsy" shop in a "duo pack"....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reverend Mother of Purl recommends....

this great "yarn bowl" from StudioElan for those wandering balls of yarn! Great gift for the knitter in your family, to prevent chasing balls of wool that have traveled under the sofa, chair, etc. while you work! ( I speak from experience!) Just discovered this great item on IndieNorth which showcases Canadian artisans.
Quoting from the site....."Thread the yarn through the hole if you are committed to the project or use the hook slot if you might want to change yarn without cutting. The hook and hole are very smooth to avoid snagging on precious fibers. The top of the bowl tapers in to prevent the ball from hopping out. The bowl is bottom heavy to keep it from wandering. And last but not least, the bottom is very smooth to protect your floors. What more could you ask for?"
Indeed! A great item for that knitter on your list....that is why it has made it to the "Sis" list of great things to buy! I am seeing this as a great choice for some of my friends..and I never buy one of anything for them without buying one for me! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Whether to weather the weather....

Part of being in this business is doing art/craft shows, where you have a chance to meet customers "face to face", and enjoy this interaction. This time of year, many of the successful shows are outdoors....and cause the exhibitor to constantly refer to the "Weather Channel" the week of the show, praying for a favorable forecast.
I have attended a wonderful show as an exhibitor for many years, but the last few years, I have not applied, simply because of the weather "drama" that might occur. We have had wonderful weather, and sunny skies for most of the years. Occasionally, there have been big deal....and at times, there has been horrific weather that causes a huge "mess" in terms of mud, puddles, keeping wares from harm's way, but still manages to draw those people who enjoy the show. This year was one of those years...but worse. Thankfully, Saturday was a great day for my friends who were exhibiting....big crowds, great weather, and good sales. As I worked on my yard chores here at home, I was wishing that I had been there, too, at least as a buyer. However, Saturday night proved to be an evening of warnings of extreme weather. Nobody would have been in the park at that time, and vendors had been warned about the possibility of severe weather. The result that this weather caused the show to be cancelled the next day, and organizers and vendors struggled with the problems that remained, mostly the damage caused by wind and rain. A difficult situation for everyone...but thankfully, they had had record crowds the day before, and a successful show. Still, a shame for vendors and organizers alike.
Follow this link to see the aftermath of the storm....also, readers of this particular newspaper have sent in photos as well, so be sure to have a look at those. Hoping that vendors did not suffer too much damage, and that the remaining summer events remain "weather-drama" free!