Friday, May 21, 2010

"Special" angel....

In an effort to be ready for the fall shows, I have been trying to make up items that are part of the "line". This little angel ornament is one of the many ornaments that are made each year, but has a very special connection. The proceeds from the sale of these angels is directed to the "Victorian Order of Nurses" for their special projects. It was created for quite another reason. A client/co-worker was stricken with a terminal disease, and was being cared for in her home. This little angel was created for her, just to place in a little card with "thinking of you" wishes, because this lady collected angels, and had collected many of ours through the years. I was told that she hung the angel from her I.V. "drip" pole, and that this angel was with her during her illness. When she passed away, there was a note in the local paper from the family about all of the special floral bouquets, gifts, etc. that had been sent to her. Wishing that we had sent something more substantial than the ornament and our little "Fullabean" angel (from my friend and former partner in this work), it was not until my friend went to the visitation that we realized the significance of this little angel. This little ornament was in Evelyn's hands, and it with her still. Never underestimate the worth of whatever gift is given...we did not realize how important this was to Evelyn.
That year, at our annual open house, we filled a Christmas tree with one hundred ornaments, and raised $500.00 for the organization that had helped Evelyn in her time of need. Her name is on a special plaque because, although we had no idea, it was a year that the V.O.N. was trying to raise $500.00 from various businesses in the area for the 100th anniversary of the V.O.N.
So, along with all of these business names, Evelyn's name stands with them, for her unintended part in helping to raise the needed funds. We went on to sell angels for several years after that, in memory of Evelyn, and donations were made to two different branches of the nursing organization.
Getting this new "host" of angels ready for the season will hopefully help once again!
"Evelyn's Angel" is available at shows throughout the fall season, as well at the "Etsy" site, and at the "Nun of a Kind" site.


  1. Linda this is such a wonderful and heartwarming story. Evelyn's Angel is so special. You better get busy and make lots more however, because the set in your Etsy shop is now gone.

    Have a very happy and safe May 24th weekend!



  2. Thanks, Sue....for the nice comment, and for starting the "kick off" for this year's campaign! The donation fell by the wayside last year as I "got into" other things, but I have recently been reminded how important this organization is.
    YOU have a great "start of the summer season" weekend! :)

  3. Sue is a great lady and your little angels are so sweet. What a lovely person you are to create special "ladies" to help others. It was one of your best posts.

  4. Thanks, Meg. This whole experience taught me that sometimes the little gifts mean the most....and this one has helped raise a fair bit of money for the organization in the past. We raised donations for two branches in the past....hope to "start the ball rolling" again!
    Are you one your Parisian adventure yet? :)

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  6. Thanks for "stopping by"! Will check out your blog also!