Sunday, May 30, 2010


are keeping me away from creating lately....beautiful weather, the gardening, reading good books on the deck...just too nice to be working in my workroom!
The unusually warm weather has forced everything to bloom at once, it seems. By the time the trimming, etc. is finished in one area of the yard, it seems that it is ready to start all over again at the beginning! "Chasing" a particular weed right now, which grows like a vine, and looks like a morning glory, if it is allowed to remain in the garden that long. It has climbed every type of flower, flowering shrub, structure, in the gardens, and could be the source of every morning "workout" in itself! Right now, this "gardener" is determined to exhile this weed, but likely by the end of July, it is the weed that will win!
As for I dare say that I need a rainy day? :)


  1. Ha! I hear you on the rainy day! Also - gardening IS a workout (forget the calories that are burnt, but it does count). That said, I do not deal well with humidity so have spent a lot of the weekend sitting on the porch
    drinking iced tea and visiting with hubby - and watching the very prolific weeds overtake the garden.



    Oh...I haven't checked the mail since Thursday - will be swinging by the box tomorrow so will let you know if the angels are waiting for me.

  2. If we "give peas a chance", we may as well give the weeds a chance, too! I am ignoring them today in favor of a good book!

  3. I was only gone 2 weeks and the weeds in the back part of my yard were knee high. I just get out the weed whacker and give them "the one, two." I agree that by July, the weeds will have won and frankly, that's okay with me. It is hard to get back to the studio.

  4. Oh, I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who can sing "I fought the weeds but the weeds won!" ....besides, we all have better things to do, and more things to create, n'est-ce pas?