Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday with Martha

Have not watched "Martha Stewart" in quite a while....not enough time, or total feelings of inadequacy while watching her many talents...not sure what my excuse would be! However, while tidying up my sewing room/studio today, I managed to see a few segments. Today, Martha was making crepes. Of course, her creation using these crepes was just usual.
I was reminded of one of my "bright" ideas to have my students host a "cafe" and serve crepes to the entire school population. They would bring in the fillings, etc. and I, along with some "volunteers", would make the required crepes....about three hundred. I talked my book club friends into helping me make these. Actually, one of my friends in the book club told me that she would teach me how to make them. (forgot to tell you that I didn't really know how to make them!) In any case, we did manage to make one hundred that evening. (note to self: do not allow your volunteers to have wine before a given task is completed.) I spent the following weekend making the other two hundred crepes myself for that event....and have never made them again!
The event, however, was a great success. It would not matter how good the crepes are...whenever food is served at school, it is always a success!


  1. LOL...oh this is too funny and SO something I would do. Brilliant ideas (or so I think) until the execution part has to be tackled.

    Thanks for the giggle and are you sure you wouldn't want some strawberry crepes with whipcream?



  2. Sue, would love to EAT the crepes....just don't see myself making them again! One other time, my friend, the cook, made all of them for me...while I did the sewing for our business. My motto...kitchens are for resale purposes only!

  3. "It would not matter how good the crepes are...whenever food is served at school, it is always a success!"

    So true! But crepes with fruit fillings would also promote healthy eating! Good on you!

  4. Yes, the fruit was a good healthy choice...but was the whipped cream?? :)

  5. I think Martha would be another great Nun. A Mother Martha Superior.

  6. There are a lot of "Marthas" around....I am just not one of them!! :)