Sunday, April 25, 2010


shows....not really a fan! However, one type of show has me "hooked", and that is the type of show which showcases businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors, new ideas, etc. I live vicariously through these people who may find/not find success with their given idea. Absolutely love our Canadian show, "The Dragon's Den", on our CBC network, and the U.S. show, "Shark Tank", which has the same type of format....people "pitching" their ideas to hugely successful business people, in hopes of developing the "next big thing". Sadly, all that is available now are re-runs of these shows (which I still watch!!).
"Cupcake Girls" to the rescue! Just when I thought that there would be nothing in this "genre" to watch while I work away at my own "stuff", we are able to view the business ventures of two young ladies who went into business together, and "broke" many business "rules" to do so. They own a very successful cupcake company (are they bakers? No! They hire people who are bakers....) selling the coolest looking cupcakes...and that is it! That is the concept, and judging by the number of stores that they now run in the Vancouver area, that is all they need! If you are not able to view this show in your area, there are episodes available on line. Very inspirational, and thankfully, they are successful in their efforts.
Just like "velcro", "google", "Mrs. Fields", etc., it makes me wonder once again....why didn't I think of that?? :)


  1. Oh gosh, how many times have I also thought, "Why didn't I think of that?" I also love shows like this, however many of them I don't get on our basic cable service. I'll have to tell Keara about this show - she loves baking and wants to take an 'artistic' cake decorating course. I think she would enjoy it.

    Just read your convo on Etsy - have to go out for a bit and will respond when I get back.



  2. My Dear Sister~~~~~~why didn't you think of that? Because you are so busy thinking up other neat things to do, that's why. You don't take a "back seat" to anyone!

  3. If your daughter is half as artistic as you are, her cakes would be amazing, Sue!

  4. Sister Carmel Popcorn....thanks! Some of my best ideas happen at hockey games! (thanks to my "neighbour"!)