Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flying high...

like "Sister Skye Rider" is not something that this "sister" used to like to do....would avoid any voyage that involved travel by air with any excuse possible. This had to change when travel across the country to visit a family member made it necessary...or travel by car for weeks.
...and like a miracle, the whole experience became not so scary, manageable and dare I Other than being cramped with two other people in the seats that I can afford (will I ever travel business class? Likely not...), the whole miracle of being able to get across the country or from one to another in such a short time is amazing to me now!
Lessons in air travel learned this past trip were *travel light and you won't have to pay for baggage (although that is changing on some airlines)
*If you can't travel with carry-on, at least try to get it down to one suitcase. (we didn't....)
* try not to sit near people with babies (you can't predict this, and even though babies are crying, they are still this really isn't an issue for some of us!)
....and here is my big philosophical/meteorological statement....every day is sunny if you can just get past the clouds! (and if that appears as a title for a self-help book someday, remember where you heard it first!


  1. I admire you for overcoming your adversion to flying. I still hate it, however like you, my dad and sis live across the country. A five hour plane ride is definitely preferable to a week long trip in the car (especially when Dad is pushing 88 years).

    My tip? Get a window seat - but then never look out if you are afraid of heights LOL



  2. After refusing to present at conferences in B.C., etc., "back in the day", I am still asked about the "flying thing", I happily "fight" for the window seat...and if I could put my head outside to get a better view, I would! How things change! Glad I wasn't the only one with this aversion. Good thing that we have family members living elsewhere to help us "spread our wings".....:)