Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baseball Season...

and "Sister Runnata" is ready! As a matter of fact, she has been running out of the "Nun of a Kind" shops lately, probably due to the beginning of the baseball season, and is serving as a source of "hope" for given teams.
Interestingly enough, there was an excerpt on "Sunday Morning" today about a special Sister who, along with the members of her convent, "The Sisters of the Holy Spirit", bake cookies for their favorite team, "The Cleveland Indians", as a way to help cheer them on. This began in 1984, and has developed into an online business for the nuns, with the profits going to the support of a home for older adults. Sister Assumpta is well known at the games, and even had her own baseball card! You can find the cookies, called "Nun Better", at the Monastery Greetings site.
I am thinking that "Sister Runnata" might have to grace the cookie-baking kitchen of these sisters to help them cheer for their favorite team!