Sunday, April 25, 2010


shows....not really a fan! However, one type of show has me "hooked", and that is the type of show which showcases businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors, new ideas, etc. I live vicariously through these people who may find/not find success with their given idea. Absolutely love our Canadian show, "The Dragon's Den", on our CBC network, and the U.S. show, "Shark Tank", which has the same type of format....people "pitching" their ideas to hugely successful business people, in hopes of developing the "next big thing". Sadly, all that is available now are re-runs of these shows (which I still watch!!).
"Cupcake Girls" to the rescue! Just when I thought that there would be nothing in this "genre" to watch while I work away at my own "stuff", we are able to view the business ventures of two young ladies who went into business together, and "broke" many business "rules" to do so. They own a very successful cupcake company (are they bakers? No! They hire people who are bakers....) selling the coolest looking cupcakes...and that is it! That is the concept, and judging by the number of stores that they now run in the Vancouver area, that is all they need! If you are not able to view this show in your area, there are episodes available on line. Very inspirational, and thankfully, they are successful in their efforts.
Just like "velcro", "google", "Mrs. Fields", etc., it makes me wonder once again....why didn't I think of that?? :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baseball Season...

and "Sister Runnata" is ready! As a matter of fact, she has been running out of the "Nun of a Kind" shops lately, probably due to the beginning of the baseball season, and is serving as a source of "hope" for given teams.
Interestingly enough, there was an excerpt on "Sunday Morning" today about a special Sister who, along with the members of her convent, "The Sisters of the Holy Spirit", bake cookies for their favorite team, "The Cleveland Indians", as a way to help cheer them on. This began in 1984, and has developed into an online business for the nuns, with the profits going to the support of a home for older adults. Sister Assumpta is well known at the games, and even had her own baseball card! You can find the cookies, called "Nun Better", at the Monastery Greetings site.
I am thinking that "Sister Runnata" might have to grace the cookie-baking kitchen of these sisters to help them cheer for their favorite team!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flying high...

like "Sister Skye Rider" is not something that this "sister" used to like to do....would avoid any voyage that involved travel by air with any excuse possible. This had to change when travel across the country to visit a family member made it necessary...or travel by car for weeks.
...and like a miracle, the whole experience became not so scary, manageable and dare I Other than being cramped with two other people in the seats that I can afford (will I ever travel business class? Likely not...), the whole miracle of being able to get across the country or from one to another in such a short time is amazing to me now!
Lessons in air travel learned this past trip were *travel light and you won't have to pay for baggage (although that is changing on some airlines)
*If you can't travel with carry-on, at least try to get it down to one suitcase. (we didn't....)
* try not to sit near people with babies (you can't predict this, and even though babies are crying, they are still this really isn't an issue for some of us!)
....and here is my big philosophical/meteorological statement....every day is sunny if you can just get past the clouds! (and if that appears as a title for a self-help book someday, remember where you heard it first!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday with Martha

Have not watched "Martha Stewart" in quite a while....not enough time, or total feelings of inadequacy while watching her many talents...not sure what my excuse would be! However, while tidying up my sewing room/studio today, I managed to see a few segments. Today, Martha was making crepes. Of course, her creation using these crepes was just usual.
I was reminded of one of my "bright" ideas to have my students host a "cafe" and serve crepes to the entire school population. They would bring in the fillings, etc. and I, along with some "volunteers", would make the required crepes....about three hundred. I talked my book club friends into helping me make these. Actually, one of my friends in the book club told me that she would teach me how to make them. (forgot to tell you that I didn't really know how to make them!) In any case, we did manage to make one hundred that evening. (note to self: do not allow your volunteers to have wine before a given task is completed.) I spent the following weekend making the other two hundred crepes myself for that event....and have never made them again!
The event, however, was a great success. It would not matter how good the crepes are...whenever food is served at school, it is always a success!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Great Shopping....

at the "One of a Kind" Spring Show and Sale....being held right now at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. A great opportunity to see artisans from across Canada, exhibiting clothing, furniture, jewelry, accessories, gourmet food products, etc.
Had a wonderful time at this show last year, and hope to get there again this year. It is great to be able to see all of the vendors that one doesn't have the time to see when exhibiting at the same show....just isn't time to see everyone and all of the fine work represented.
While there, do stop by "Rootham's Gourmet" to pick up treats for entertaining, and hostess gifts. Lots of fine sampling going on there!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Gaga....

worn by this little "darling"! It is so nice to have a "model" to sport these creations. This photo was sent to me by Miss Molly's grandmother, and I was so happy to have such a "top model" wearing a "Baby Gaga" design!
I see a wardrobe of hats coming her way, in hopes that each one is photographed for the site.
I wonder how this model would look in a habit for the "Nun of a Kind" site?? :)