Monday, March 8, 2010

"The Sisterhood of the Winter Coats"....

I was sent a great photo of some lovely ladies who live in Walker, Minnesota. Unfortunately, I am not able to share this with you because, for some reason, the scanned picture that they sent me is not able to be "uploaded" at the moment. Will modify this if I am able to figure it out! In any case, Ruth, from Minnesota, called me to add another "Sister Mary Christmas", the ornament, to a previous order, and told me her story....Ruth is a para-professional at an elementary school in Minnesota, and often has to spend time supervising students out on the schoolyard. (brrrr! I am thinking it must be very cold in Minnesota!) Ruth and her co-worker decided that, because they both happened to all be wearing long black coats, they looked as though they were wearing habits like nuns! They proceeded to come up with names for each other, and Ruth, because she had the most experience, was named "Mother Superior". Two more co-workers joined them the following fall season, and also happened to be wearing long, dark coats. The ladies decided that they would join the "order", and each took their special names...."Sister Mary Margaret", "Mother Superior", "Sister Virginia", and "Sister Bertrille"...(this woman had loved "The Flying Nun" as a child....)
Ruth, consequently, found the "Nun of a Kind" website, and ordered ornaments for all of the honorary "sisters", added pin-backs to each of them, and fashioned them into decorative pins for the ladies to wear on their coats. A friend of hers also embroidered the "nun names" on the ornaments for her.
Always fun to hear the stories behind the purchases, and whenever I am making more ornaments, I will be thinking of these ladies "on duty" with their long dark coats, and their special pins. I just hope that the wind doesn't "catch" "Sister Bertrille"! It could be a "nun stop" flight! :)


  1. what a great idea! wish I had thought of it.

  2. Diane, I am thinking that I might have to add some little pins to the collection....She did have a great idea here, though!

  3. Linda, I love to hear stories from people that purchase my work - always so heartwarming, and I think motivating. I really enjoyed reading your story too (well until the very end 'groaner' about the nun-stop flight LOL)


  4. I just can't let go of this great idea. I think I'm going to have steal, er, I mean borrow it and personalize the Sr. Mary Christmas ornaments that I bought. It seems that it could easily function as a pin or ornament since the hanging loop is transparent. It seems a small area to embroider in so I'm wondering if an embroidery pen might work. Any ideas for writing on felt?

  5. Diane,
    I think that writing on felt could be would likely "bleed"...I will think about this and email a solution....