Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The "Sisterhood" is featured.....

in a great blog entry by Meg of "Priscilla Mae et al", the creator of those great handpainted accents mentioned earlier this year. I love seeing "Sister Gaye Paree", created for Meg as a special order, in her new "abode" by the "Eiffel Tower" in her home. (strange coincidence...I have the same Eiffel tower in my home! I KNEW that we must be "sisters" of some sort!)
While you are visiting Meg's blog, look back at some of her photos of her recent trip to Paris. It will make you want to call your travel agency!


  1. It was a pleasure. Love your sisters.

  2. Linda, anyone seeing your Sisters HAS to fall in love with them (even if they aren't Catholic). Now off to check out Meg's blog!