Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Sister" shop....

It had to happen! I was spending so much time with yarn that it became necessary to open a new shop at "Etsy" to feature items from these efforts. (there are only so many babies in my life to "gift"!) It was also an attempt to keep the "Nun of a Kind" site at "Etsy" free of too much clutter. The "sisters" were feeling a little territorial of their space!
The new shop, currently not very well "stocked", simply because of the photo-taking, uploading, etc. that has yet to take place, is "Sticks and Strings" because....well, everything in it will be made with some sort of "stick" or "string"! The shop will carry the little "chapeaux" that are currently being made out of cotton yarn, and other various items that are knit or crocheted.
Orders for special "sisters" are also being created at the machine. New photos await for this shop as well!
.....and I have plans to have my little nephew model all of the hats for me before he gets too old and realizes that most of them are for girls!


  1. Good luck with this second shop Linda! I hear you on getting it stocked properly - I have two shops and at the moment both are suffering!


  2. Talented lady. Good luck with your new shop. Will keep an eye on your new treasures.

  3. The fun part is making these items as well as the "Sisters"...the not-so-fun part is taking the pictures, and posting the items! There are "mountains" of new items to list....and "life" keeps getting in the way of doing that! :)