Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sister Patty O'Lantern....

wishing everyone out there a "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" ....
The weather is wonderful here, and the pubs and patios will likely be busy with all of the Irish (and who isn't Irish on St. Patrick's day??) celebrations. Lots of green beverages in the future of many....but "Sister" here will be sipping on her green tea!


  1. I forgot it was St Patrick's Day until I saw Patty O'Lantern. What a lovely addition to the ''sisterhood."

  2. Sister Patty O'Lantern was created just for the blog...but I likely should add her to the "Sisterhood", along with all of the others that are waiting in the wings! Somehow, the nice weather is getting in the way! Have a great day, Meg!