Friday, March 5, 2010


is a fabulous musical which features....of course....the lovely "sisters" in black and white. I have had the great good fortune to see many of the versions of these plays, as the Sisters work their way from one disaster at their convent to another. These plays, whether locally produced by community theatre, or by professional players, feature comedic antics performed by the "sister" actors. As a bonus, along with the comedy, there are some great songs included in each play, and strong voices. I think that the spirit of "Lucy Ricardo" lives on in these performances by the "sisters" must be great fun to be involved!
Happily, although not acting or singing in those plays, I have to say that I have been "involved" in several productions along the way because there have been requests for the "sisters" of "Nun of a Kind" to be gifts for the actors at the end of the performances. Usually, when four or five of the "sisters" are to be shipped off, it is because someone found these "on line" and wished to purchase little momentos for the actors. A nice way for me to be involved...and I don't even have to "break a leg"!

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