Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning...

with "Sister Immaculata"! That is what I should be doing, when in fact, the most spring-cleaning being accomplished is that on my computer! How did the mail file get over 300 messages that need to be deleted? (and that is just one mailbox?) The photo file could be stripped of all of the blurry photos, photos of sidewalks, (how did that happen?), and duplicated of every file I have ever saved. The "documents" file could lose the report card comments filed through the years, the jokes I thought were just too good not to save, etc. The "Bookmarks" file is just ridiculous! So, you see, there is far too much cleaning right here at my desktop to possibly consider cleaning closets, ovens, cupboards, cabinets, etc. Besides, "Sister Immaculata" is here...I will leave all of that in her capable hands!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wish I were...

a photographer, like "Sister Filmore". I have purchased a light box, a number of "natural light" lamps, set up a little studio in my office, watched several tutorials online, and still do not like to have to take new pictures. However, today it is overcast, and I am outside, trying to re-take some photos for my "Etsy" shop, and for a digital photo frame for shows. Somehow, I found my way to the office again to type a blog entry....coincidence? I think not. I will do anything to avoid this task....
Now, back to the "Sisters"...they are freezing outside waiting for me!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sister Patty O'Lantern....

wishing everyone out there a "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" ....
The weather is wonderful here, and the pubs and patios will likely be busy with all of the Irish (and who isn't Irish on St. Patrick's day??) celebrations. Lots of green beverages in the future of many....but "Sister" here will be sipping on her green tea!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Sister" shop....

It had to happen! I was spending so much time with yarn that it became necessary to open a new shop at "Etsy" to feature items from these efforts. (there are only so many babies in my life to "gift"!) It was also an attempt to keep the "Nun of a Kind" site at "Etsy" free of too much clutter. The "sisters" were feeling a little territorial of their space!
The new shop, currently not very well "stocked", simply because of the photo-taking, uploading, etc. that has yet to take place, is "Sticks and Strings" because....well, everything in it will be made with some sort of "stick" or "string"! The shop will carry the little "chapeaux" that are currently being made out of cotton yarn, and other various items that are knit or crocheted.
Orders for special "sisters" are also being created at the machine. New photos await for this shop as well!
.....and I have plans to have my little nephew model all of the hats for me before he gets too old and realizes that most of them are for girls!

Monday, March 8, 2010

"The Sisterhood of the Winter Coats"....

I was sent a great photo of some lovely ladies who live in Walker, Minnesota. Unfortunately, I am not able to share this with you because, for some reason, the scanned picture that they sent me is not able to be "uploaded" at the moment. Will modify this if I am able to figure it out! In any case, Ruth, from Minnesota, called me to add another "Sister Mary Christmas", the ornament, to a previous order, and told me her story....Ruth is a para-professional at an elementary school in Minnesota, and often has to spend time supervising students out on the schoolyard. (brrrr! I am thinking it must be very cold in Minnesota!) Ruth and her co-worker decided that, because they both happened to all be wearing long black coats, they looked as though they were wearing habits like nuns! They proceeded to come up with names for each other, and Ruth, because she had the most experience, was named "Mother Superior". Two more co-workers joined them the following fall season, and also happened to be wearing long, dark coats. The ladies decided that they would join the "order", and each took their special names...."Sister Mary Margaret", "Mother Superior", "Sister Virginia", and "Sister Bertrille"...(this woman had loved "The Flying Nun" as a child....)
Ruth, consequently, found the "Nun of a Kind" website, and ordered ornaments for all of the honorary "sisters", added pin-backs to each of them, and fashioned them into decorative pins for the ladies to wear on their coats. A friend of hers also embroidered the "nun names" on the ornaments for her.
Always fun to hear the stories behind the purchases, and whenever I am making more ornaments, I will be thinking of these ladies "on duty" with their long dark coats, and their special pins. I just hope that the wind doesn't "catch" "Sister Bertrille"! It could be a "nun stop" flight! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


is a fabulous musical which features....of course....the lovely "sisters" in black and white. I have had the great good fortune to see many of the versions of these plays, as the Sisters work their way from one disaster at their convent to another. These plays, whether locally produced by community theatre, or by professional players, feature comedic antics performed by the "sister" actors. As a bonus, along with the comedy, there are some great songs included in each play, and strong voices. I think that the spirit of "Lucy Ricardo" lives on in these performances by the "sisters" must be great fun to be involved!
Happily, although not acting or singing in those plays, I have to say that I have been "involved" in several productions along the way because there have been requests for the "sisters" of "Nun of a Kind" to be gifts for the actors at the end of the performances. Usually, when four or five of the "sisters" are to be shipped off, it is because someone found these "on line" and wished to purchase little momentos for the actors. A nice way for me to be involved...and I don't even have to "break a leg"!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The "Sisterhood" is featured.....

in a great blog entry by Meg of "Priscilla Mae et al", the creator of those great handpainted accents mentioned earlier this year. I love seeing "Sister Gaye Paree", created for Meg as a special order, in her new "abode" by the "Eiffel Tower" in her home. (strange coincidence...I have the same Eiffel tower in my home! I KNEW that we must be "sisters" of some sort!)
While you are visiting Meg's blog, look back at some of her photos of her recent trip to Paris. It will make you want to call your travel agency!