Monday, February 15, 2010

What to do....

with the massive collection of books that this "sister" has gathered throughout the years? Cannot believe that I am actually considering a "purge", but it is a fact. Perhaps I am not going to re-read those university texts (that I likely didn't read in the first place??), or "Childbirth without Pain"...(that was a TRUE work of FICTION!!!). Probably don't need all of the books that have "diet" on the cover. Thought that those would work by osmosis, like my cookbooks...just by having them in the house that they would magically work! Not likely that I am going to re-read all of those novels I collected, either. Have given up buying books for the most part because of the lack of "real estate" in which to store, I live two minutes away from a quaint little library....
I am fairly certain that there was not a commandment "Thou shalt not get rid of books" perhaps I will get rid of some....maybe a least one....


  1. Oh gosh Linda, I hear you! I am such a book
    hound....I have fiction, nonfiction, art books, textile, vintage clothing, many reference type books. Books on photography and then there are all the magazines. The fiction I now am passing on to several friends, as I just don't have room for all my books. The very sad thing is, one of the main things I like to spend my money on is...yep...BOOKS!

    I think there must be a name for this particular sickness - bookaholic maybe?


  2. You know it is bad when you can spend more at the bookstore than you care to at the grocery store. So glad to hear that I am not alone in this little obsession!