Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super-bowl Sunday....

and "Mother Souperior" is in the kitchen cooking chili for any who land here to watch the game. (the commercials, the half-time show for the rest of us!) Personally, I don't even understand football, but since one of the teams is "the Saints", what is a "sister" to do?
No chicken wings, dips, pulled pork sandwiches, chips or such because the dieting sister "Nun the less", will be keeping a watchful eye!
Pretty sure that "Sister Dani DeVino" will be encouraging a glass of red wine though! (it DOES have some health benefits, after all!) :)


  1. Very cute!
    Gee - where's the sports fan sister?

  2. Hey! I should have posted a picture of one of the custom "sisters" I have done for clients, supporting their favorite sport! Thanks for the reminder...will have to go through my photo file for next time! Hope all is well with you and your business!

  3. Linda, I will have to check with my MIL and see if she made any chili today with her own
    "Mother Souperior's" guidance (although she is a pretty cracker-jack cook on her own).

    LOL, I'm leaning towards the health benefits that Sister Dani DeVino is touting.

    You are SO clever with these names, love it!


  4. The "Sisters" must have been watching the game, because the SAINTS won it!