Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Event....with a hook....

I have been drawn to watching these Olympic events this year like no other. Watched the opening ceremonies from beginning to end, skating competitions, hockey games, ski competitions, etc. and like most others, am cheering for our national athletes. However, not one to just watch something without doing something as well, I have been crocheting these darling little hats...first for some gifts, and then, look what happened!! It got away on me! I have little beanies, hairbands, visor caps, and have enjoyed seeing all of the colors "work up".
The photo on the left (and one never knows how this is going to end up "published"....this "blogger" format sometimes changes what I view to be the finished product as far as the blog is concerned) shows the stack of hats that have been completed. All of the little people I know will be getting these!....and perhaps, a few will end up on the "Etsy" website, just to keep me in yarn! Wonder what medal I will be receiving.... likely the "carpal tunnel award"....:)


  1. You know that you are always on the centre of the podium for "talented sisters" in my book. These are so sweet. Do you give lessons? I need to have a watching tv change from fuzzy scarves.

  2. perhaps the truth is that 'watching tv' is the excuse to crochet?!

  3. This must be a "Personal Best". Are going for a World Record? LOL

  4. Diane, this is true...I hardly even watch T.V....I just listen! I don't know what I will do when the Olympics are over!
    Cathy, yes, definitely a personal best!
    Joan....will have to see about those lessons!

  5. Linda, I also hardly EVER watch tv (although I am addicted to Biggest Loser this year). The Olympics have really caught me this year though and I love that you are crocheting while you watch.

    "Personal Best" - I like that!