Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on video mentioned...

in my last post. As amazing as it was, it has been removed from "YouTube" by NBC. Hope that you had the chance to see it before it was removed! Thanks to Sue for the "heads up" on its removal!

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Lesson about Canada....

Wanted to share with you a video, which was shown at the beginning of the Olympic games, in which Tom Brokaw explains Canada to the American public. The perception often is that you have to wear a parka, boots, and hats the minute you arrive in Canada...any time of year. This video teaches some of the true facts about "The Great White North" and even a seasoned Canadian is able to learn a lot from this presentation. Enjoy!

NOTE: As mentioned in the next post, this video has been removed from "YouTube" by NBC. Hopefully, it will reappear (perhaps on the NBC site?) so that you will be able to view it....)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Event....with a hook....

I have been drawn to watching these Olympic events this year like no other. Watched the opening ceremonies from beginning to end, skating competitions, hockey games, ski competitions, etc. and like most others, am cheering for our national athletes. However, not one to just watch something without doing something as well, I have been crocheting these darling little hats...first for some gifts, and then, look what happened!! It got away on me! I have little beanies, hairbands, visor caps, and have enjoyed seeing all of the colors "work up".
The photo on the left (and one never knows how this is going to end up "published"....this "blogger" format sometimes changes what I view to be the finished product as far as the blog is concerned) shows the stack of hats that have been completed. All of the little people I know will be getting these!....and perhaps, a few will end up on the "Etsy" website, just to keep me in yarn! Wonder what medal I will be receiving.... likely the "carpal tunnel award"....:)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Big Game...

at the Olympic Games between the Canadian and the American teams takes place tonight. Fairly certain that we are not going to be able to do much else other than watch this tonight in my promises to be a "nail biter"!
Even though "Sister Maria Lemieux" loves hockey, she might also want to watch the ice dance competition, and is a fan of the Canadian duo....will be cheering them on in their bid to claim the gold medal!
If there were an Olympic activity for watching the Olympic games, this "sister" might win a medal as well! The next post will show what all of my viewing time has given me time to do!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The "Sis" List....

If you have ever watched "Oprah", or read "O" magazine, you have likely heard of her famous "O" list....items that she finds worth sharing with her viewers/readers, and likely catapulting the sales of said items "through the roof"! Unfortunately, sometimes the items are a little out of reach for some budgets, or do not always fit in the lifestyles of the "not so rich" and "not so famous"....but never fear! The "Sis" list is here! From time to time, items which have been discovered online or elsewhere will be featured on this blog....items which I think most of us might enjoy either buying, receiving or giving. (other than a gift from "Nun of a Kind", of course....:)
First on the "Sis" List is an item from "Divide and Conquer", an "Etsy" shop recently discovered. The owner of the shop has created these great purse organizers which enable one to switch purses easily by just moving this handy, dandy organizer from one purse to another. A dream come true!! How many times do we stick with the same bag just because hauling all of the stuff in one to move to another is just too big a "hassle"? Or, how embarrassing is it when you have to manually take everyone out of that large bag, (which seemed like such a good idea to buy at the time!) just to find the cell phone, the wallet, the tickets, the makeup, whatever is buried in the depths of said bag? Notice the little dividers which surround the larger pocket...these hold those small items, while the large pocket in the middle make finding your wallet a lot easier when you need it....(like the time I could not find my wallet in my purse when stopped for a speeding ticket...!)
One tip that I would the organizer in a color that will stand out from the interior of your collection of bags. This might be the ideal gift for friends for birthdays, etc....and of course, it seems I never buy gifts for them without buying one for myself! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

What to do....

with the massive collection of books that this "sister" has gathered throughout the years? Cannot believe that I am actually considering a "purge", but it is a fact. Perhaps I am not going to re-read those university texts (that I likely didn't read in the first place??), or "Childbirth without Pain"...(that was a TRUE work of FICTION!!!). Probably don't need all of the books that have "diet" on the cover. Thought that those would work by osmosis, like my cookbooks...just by having them in the house that they would magically work! Not likely that I am going to re-read all of those novels I collected, either. Have given up buying books for the most part because of the lack of "real estate" in which to store, I live two minutes away from a quaint little library....
I am fairly certain that there was not a commandment "Thou shalt not get rid of books" perhaps I will get rid of some....maybe a least one....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day....

...and what does that mean in terms of special treats to this "sister"....
Flowers are nice....and so is chocolate....dinner out is nice....and so is chocolate....a day of pampering is nice...and so is chocolate....a treat of gourmet coffee would be lovely...and so would chocolate....let's face it, nothing will top chocolate!
Pictured here is an offering from a vendor at a recent sale. This was her own recipe of "Chocolate Rivers"....caramel covered popcorn, drizzled in CHOCOLATE!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interesting order....

from a customer at the website, asking if it would be possible to make a "Mother Mary". After some discussion about color, etc., this version was created, resulting in a friendly-looking lady, with hands folded in prayer.
This brings back memories of one of my favorite activities in school....heading to the church in single file for the "May crowning" ceremony. Not sure whether it was the hymns, the service, or the fact that we left regular classes that I liked the best!
Enjoyed creating this special "sister" for the customer....this, the original "sister" of all!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Important Announcement....

to customers or potential customers of Due to a change in "shopping cart" systems for this site, purchases will not be able to be completed here for the time being. I hope that the change to "Paypal" will happen quickly....but in the meantime, should you wish to purchase a "Sister", you could still shop from the site and email me regarding your choice. I will direct you to my "Etsy" site to complete the purchase. Thanks for your patience during this time of transition!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Today, on the "Oprah" show, Lisa Ling interviewed and spent time with a group of nuns at a convent near Detroit, Michigan. If you missed the show, you can view a video of a typical day at this particular convent at this link. What was particularly amazing to hear was that the average age of the nuns at this convent was twenty-six! It is rare that one hears of anyone entering a convent these days, at least at the convents that we have locally, so this figure was amazing to me. When you watch the video, you will be interested to see how serene a life these sisters lead....but also see a side of life in the convent that you might not have known about. The nuns playing floor hockey in their habits, and having fun, being competitive, and sharing lots of laughs was great! Seeing the Sisters playing cards and Scrabble made me think of "Sister Anita Wordsworth", and "Sister Delta Hand" in my own little "online convent", and confirmed to me my original idea that we are all "sisters", sharing the same "habits"!
Enjoy the videos and the others that are on the "Oprah" site regarding these special nuns interviewed today. It is certain that one will admire the lifestyle and the conviction of these fine ladies.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super-bowl Sunday....

and "Mother Souperior" is in the kitchen cooking chili for any who land here to watch the game. (the commercials, the half-time show for the rest of us!) Personally, I don't even understand football, but since one of the teams is "the Saints", what is a "sister" to do?
No chicken wings, dips, pulled pork sandwiches, chips or such because the dieting sister "Nun the less", will be keeping a watchful eye!
Pretty sure that "Sister Dani DeVino" will be encouraging a glass of red wine though! (it DOES have some health benefits, after all!) :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meet "The Girls"!

One of my great discoveries this year has been that of "Priscilla Mae" and her wonderful shop at "Etsy". Meg, the artist, creates handpainted pillows, eyeglass cases, and tote bags, each sporting a great quote for all of the "girls" in your life. For instance, the pillow pictured here is from the "Queen of the Greens" collection and the quote reads "They call it golf because all of the other four letter words were taken." (a great gift for the golfing friends I know...but not for me because I wouldn't know which end of the racket to use!)
The eyeglass case quote reads "Do not start with will not win!" Now, really, how appropriate is THAT?? Have a look at her "Midlife Madonna" collection as well. One of these items has already been "gifted" to one of my friends...
So, when a "Sister" won't quite "fit the bill" (and be careful...these ladies have great connections!), check out the fun gift items at "Priscilla Mae"!