Monday, January 4, 2010

You Know it's Bad When....

the time comes for the new driver's license to be taken, and the clerk suggests that another photo should be taken after she "checks out" the first one. Thankfully, she did not laugh, but I can just imagine how bad the photo must have been when, upon shooting the second photo, she said, "Oh, yes, this is much better!" Given the fact that this "sister" rarely has a photo taken, it is encouraging to think that some people in this position would not let the ridiculous photo be on the license for the five years that it remains there. ( I think it is five years....I left it to the last possible day!)
This nice lady agreed with me when I asked her if the second photo attempt had me looking exactly like Angelina Jolie....
In two weeks, the "real" photo will arrive....the verdict is still out whether or not this was a kind move on the part of the clerk... :)


  1. hahahaha! I'm so sorry for laughing (now does that sound sincere? hee), but the way you told this is hilarious! Glad photo #2
    showed you in all your Angelina Jolie-ness!


    P.S. my word verification is "nunnersu" - rather apt, no?

  2. I am sure that the clerk was laughing on the inside, too, when she saw that photo. I have big eyes, but I think that the first photo made me look like those paintings of the kids with big eyes....or someone "scared straight", not sure which! :)