Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sister Rita Story's "picks"...

After months of preparing for shows, and busy schedules, it is time again to enjoy the books that have been waiting to be read. Two books that have made it to the "list" were Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol", and Mitch Albom's "Have a Little Faith"....and I enjoyed both of them for different reasons. "The Lost Symbol" did not disappoint for being an entertaining, exciting read, and was one of those books that made the reader want to keep reading just to find out the next "twist" in the plot...and there were many.
"Have a Little Faith" was a lovely story, a true story by the author, of two remarkable men who had very different faith experiences, but the relating of those experiences was uplifting, and encouraging, particularly in these times. One lesson learned from the rabbi whose story is told is to be satisfied, and to be thankful.....not sure that most of us are, even at the best of times!
Please feel free to share what is on your "reading list"!

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  1. I usually read books but lately, I am addicted to British Vogue. The articles and fashions and viewpoints are so whimsical and creative and during these grey days, I need to dream. I find that magazine truly inspirational for my art and adding ideas and experiences to my "bucket list."