Friday, January 29, 2010

January....almost over!!???

Where did the time go this past month? It is usually my least favourite month, given the temperatures, and the "down" time after being so busy getting ready for shows, etc. and this year has been no exception. The plans that I have to a) clean out the sewing room b) finish up all of the items that did not get finished during the last few weeks of "production" c) clean out all of the closets and "purge" all that is not needed etc. etc. etc., still haven't happened. (maybe in February?)
On a positive note, I DID do a lot of business "book work" that usually waits until March....and have been in classrooms, doing one of my favourite things, being with kids and teaching. (however, it is SO nice to have the flexibility of not going in everyday!) Have finished a book or two, crocheted hats for "little ones" for gifts, etc., and have even cooked a few meals here and there.
As for my original list....there is always February!


  1. That's what I say too..."Tomorrow is another day......there is always February (and March and April, and...)"

    I'm with you though, for a long month, January this year felt like it had 10 days. I didn't get much accomplished at all...but there is always February LOL

  2. ...and Sue, we have to remember that February is a SHORT month! (surely that means that is a good excuse to wait until March??)