Saturday, December 12, 2009

Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas...

and all through the house.....not a single decoration!! The show that I did for six days has taken away the time that I usually use to get the house ready, and all of the "bins" of decorations that I have collected throughout the years remain untouched. So unlike this "sister"....however, some of the goods will make their way out in the next few days for a family event we are hosting....certainly not the same (dare I say!) excess of year's past, but a decent representation. That is the plan...however, there are some custom orders for the "sisters" still filtering in, and that has a way of changing all of my well-laid plans.
On that note, a new "sister" has been created...a picture to be posted later. Customers have been requesting a quilting "sister", and finally, one has been created, "Sister Maida Block".....two of this particular "sister" will be heading to good homes on Monday as special Christmas gifts. It seems no matter how many "Sisters" are in the existing group, there are always suggestions and requests for different ones that were not dreamed up yet. Look for more in the new year! Many more on the "to create" list!

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