Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quotas....why do we make them???

Almost the time of the "big show", and still working like mad trying to meet quotas...my own, I might add, and let me tell you, they are always impossible numbers to meet. I would have to have a troup of elves in my workspace working day and night, wrenching 48 hours out of every day to meet "the impossible dream"! I think that I am the most difficult "boss" that I have ever had!
In addition to making sure that there are plenty of "sisters", etc. ready for this show, there is still a table skirt to be made, display pieces to organize, printing to be finished, etc. Some printing was ordered and saved me the trouble, and my very talented web designer did up some great signs for the booth, so that was a huge help! My "fairy godmother", Cathy, did her amazing applique for towels and aprons, along with other tasks. Not only that, but she is going to "do the show" with me, so let me tell you, all of the "Sisters" are blessing her over and over again!
....and that was my break! Back to production!!


  1. ...and back to the sweatshop (a.k.a.sewing room) for me until it's time for The Good Wife!

  2. ~~ thinking of you a lot today, and hope your first day was a total success ~~