Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prize winner!

A few months ago, I announced a prize draw for those people leaving comments on the blog. To leave a comment, it is necessary to join "", although that does not mean that you actually have to write a blog yourself. In any case, I had some emails on my website from people who wished to leave a comment, but could not. Instead, I had some lovely messages through the email. For that reason, when the next "contest" happens (which won't be for a while because of the planning for the BIG SHOW!) I will mention that you can either leave a comment on the blog, or email me directly at the site to be eligible.
All that to tell you that this last draw was was won by.....(drum roll, please!) "Sister Carmel Popcorn", (a.k.a. Joan!), who left a message or two this month on the site. Thanks to others who did so as well! Please watch for the next draw, which will likely be in the new year! If you DO leave a comment from now until the time of the next draw, a ballot will be given for the prize for next time! Love those comments!
"Sister Carmel Popcorn" will have her choice of "Sisters" from the site as her prize!


  1. Congrats to this sister!

    Wishing you luck on getting ready for your show!


  2. Thanks, Sue! Wishing that you were here to help me! :)