Tuesday, October 27, 2009


in a sea of black and white! Seriously, lots of plans to add new stuff to this blog, but right now, am trying to make my own personal quota for "the big show"! Bear with me while I try to cram in a year of preparation into six weeks!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life is not fair....

when organizers of a craft show put you beside a chocolate vendor! During the past weekend, I met a lovely lady who had a wonderful display of delicious chocolate treats and even decadent chocolate-drizzled carmel popcorn! Needless to say, she just about sold out because not only was it delicious, but it was packaged so beautifully for gift-giving, etc. She had to go home and prepare more for the second day of the sale because she had so little stock after the first day!
Now, since I am a choco-holic, and always on some sort of program, you can imagine how difficult it was to stay away from that booth. (remember, she was very nice...I had to be friendly, after all!) "Nun the Less", the dieting "sister", had her hands full, trying to restrain me from visiting that booth too often!
Imagine my surprise, the first day, when a small bag of chocolate covered almonds (sugar free, I might add....), found their way into my booth, and eventually, all jumped into my mouth! A fairly good way to get some omega 3's, so all was not lost. The next day, though, when those dark chocolate covered cranberries did the same thing, well, what can I say except....dark chocolate is good for you, and cranberries are full of anti-oxidants! Thank goodness that this vendor was beside me that whole weekend....how else would I have kept up my vitamin intake?? :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Official!

"Nun of a Kind" is exhibiting at the "One of a Kind" Christmas show in Toronto! The show takes place during an eleven day time period, from November 26th to December 6th. At the moment, "Nun of a Kind" will be there from Dec. 1st to Dec.6th (the second half of the show). However, there could be a change to the first five days of the show as the time gets closer. If you live near the Toronto area, and have never been to the show before, it really is an event you must attend....a true "feast for the eyes"! I usually go to this show as a customer and find many gifts for the holidays, plus usually a few gifts for myself!:) I can do a lot of "damage" in a one-day visit, so I hope that my own booth keeps me busy enough that I am not off spending too much in other booths! Seriously, this event is wonderful, and artisans from across Canada bring their fine work to this show each year. You would not be disappointed if you were to plan a little trip to attend the show.
Please check my website to keep up with any date changes as the time gets closer. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Had to Share....

the lovely feature that a great customer wrote about "The Sisterhood" on a website she writes with her writing partner. Susan had ordered some special "sisters" this past summer, and it has been such a pleasure emailing back and forth, and enjoying her blog. This writing duo have even written a cookbook, called "Keep the Table Laughing". Susan ordered this special sister for her writing partner, Meridith, and it seems as though the two of them had quite an education being taught by nuns...so they have "connected" with "Nun of a Kind"...(so lucky for me!)
    The great thing about having a website and selling all over the world is not only having little "bits" of oneself residing in places that perhaps one may never personally visit, but also meeting the interesting, talented people through these sales and conversations. It has been especially nice to meet Susan and Meridith!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sister Rita Story recommends....

the book by Julie Powell, "Julie and Julia". Read this in the summer, and crammed it in before heading to the movies to the see the film. Enjoyed the book a great deal, and was amazed at the complicated recipes that Julie tried to make each night in an attempt to go through each recipe in Julia Child's cookbook. Certainly not recipes for cholesterol problems, etc. but sounded divine (well, most of them!) to enjoy at a dinner party. 
   Julie wrote a blog about her adventures in the kitchen and experienced great expense in searching out the ingredients for these recipes. One of her blog readers suggested that she set up a "Paypal" button on her blog for readers to donate to her cause. What a great idea!!! I have some major expenses coming up for my business as well....perhaps I should do the same thing! Why, I would bet with all of my regular readers, with everyone contributing one dollar to my cause, why I could reach a grand total of.....$3.00!! Well, perhaps, I will leave this idea to Julie for whom it worked and who had a great following. In any case, enjoyed the book even though I like recipes that call for about four ingredients or less, or are those found on a menu! If you cook, you would especially enjoy this book.  
   The movie was not a disappointment, either. First of all, how could a movie starring Meryl Streep be a disappointment?? Never! And, Amy Adams was wonderful as well as "Julie". The movie included many details of the book, and was not one of those movies which strayed too far from the intent of the writer. Someday, even a cook wannabe like myself might try Julia's "Boeuf Bourgignon" recipe....but don't hold your breath! :)