Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take to the Heavens....

with "Sister Skye Ryder". Once upon a time, there was a special client "sister", who met a very handsome prince...I mean, pilot, who came into town to do a demonstration for a local event. This particular "sister" had the good fortune to meet this man, and have her photo taken with him. Wanting to mark the wonderful occasion, the lovely lady requested that a special "Sister" be created, perhaps with an orange airplane. Alas, this little plane could not be found, so the prize photo of the happy couple was printed in a smaller size, laminated for posterity, and "Sister Skye Ryder" sported an orange scarf to match that of the prince, I mean, pilot!
   And, if you would like a chance to see the sort of work that this pilot does, have a look at this video. 
I have a feeling that my good friend who finally received her own sister after ordering them for many of her friends, family, etc., has her special sister in full view....and that she watches this video often!! :)

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  1. I love her!!! What a cool story and
    wonderful Sister!