Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Sister" for a Day!

The annual "Art in the Park" show was held yesterday, and the weather could not have been better! It was a beautiful day to spend in the park, visiting with customers, and friends, and also for making the occasional sale! Many "Sisters" left the "order" yesterday, along with some of the other items created. All of the angst of preparing needed items to have enough for a show disappeared because, really, there is always enough, no matter how much time I think I needed to make more! 
   One of the features for the outdoor shows (which I have trimmed down to one show a year!)  is the gigantic nun that is propped on a garden trellis, not only to advertise the booth, but also to allow customers to be "a nun for a day". Lots of photos taken yesterday by visitors to the park, and thanks to cellphones these days, there was always a chance to capture the image. Thanks to "Sister Carol" for being the model for this shot!


  1. Sister, you have outdone yourself again - I love the life-size Sister. Is that the Teddy Bear in the background?

  2. How fun! Love the gigantic nun :-)

    Glad you had beautiful weather and made some sales!

  3. During the indoor shows, there is a face for the "Sister" that I insert...usually, then she hovers over the booth somewhere, depending on where I can anchor her! At least people know where to find me!!

  4. Linda, that your lifesize Sister is
    a fabulous idea! Congrats on having such a good show!