Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Show of the Season... needless to say, I am busy trying to meet my personal quotas! WAY behind on that, but as the weather cools, the nights get longer, and maybe a few rainy days thrown in here somewhere, I am sure that the next show will have more of what I had in mind. In addition to the "Sisters", I usually show a number of Santas, angels, snowfolk, and unique ornaments. The "Sisters" and I have been spending so much time together that the other characters are weaker in number this year! However, it is harder to concentrate on holiday items when summer is here! Hopefully, will post a picture of customers posing in the life-size nun cut-out I had made for shows....look for that next week!


  1. Oh...would love to see the customers with the life-size nun cutout! What a great idea!

    Wishing you luck for your show!

  2. Yes, it is a big attraction...the men look especially fetching as nuns behind that cut-out! :)