Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Book Journal

Both "Sister Rita Story" and I love to read. In fact, the main attraction of the summer is spending time on the deck, enjoying many books that have been waiting to be read. Usually, I find that I have read too much and produced too little....this year is no exception!
  A lovely little library is very near my fact, no more than a two-minute walk. That does not stop me from spending the grocery money on books, nor does it mean that I pay less for late fees for my overdue books. The stack of books waiting to be read is tall, no matter what the season.
   Occasionally, I find myself finding a book particularly familiar, only to find out half-way through the book that it was, in fact, one I had already read. Therefore, about five years ago, I started a "book journal"....which was a great idea for writing a little synopsis of the book, and giving it my own personal "rating". The only problem was, I found, that it was not in alphabetical I started reading another pre-read book today because I did not notice the title in the journal. Finally, I began making a list of books read according to author. Perhaps this will keep me from re-reading the same book more than once, although I am great at predicting outcomes in the plot when this happens! :)

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  1. Oh man! I read alot (rarely watch any tv) - love to read and I have several times over the past years discovered after getting into the book that I've already read it. I like the idea of listing in a journal by author. (I tried the other way too, and it was more confusing than actually reading a book partway).

    Wishing you a super Labour Day Weekend Linda!