Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Merry Krismoose!

This little "blast from the past" creation is something that "started it all"! My good friend and I began our little craft business by creating many of these little fellows "back in the day". They were the mainstay of our booth, along with many little original ornaments, and we carted them from one show to another, creating walls of "krismoose" in our display. Curiously, it was usually the men in the crowd who loved to stop and have a second look....or buy them. Perhaps the Krismoose was a reminder of the one that "got away" on moose-hunting trips! 
     I still make a few for each show because there is usually some young person, striking out on their own, wishing to have a decoration that reminds them of home. Like everything else that is on the "back burner", I intend to bring a larger display of them someday! There are reindeer "parts" in various "to be continued" bins, along with all of the other "someday" projects.
   As I prepare to leave for my next show this weekend, I am reminded of those early days, with the moose and ornaments in tow, heading out in the wee hours of the morning for a show about three hours away. Everything in the van seemed to have a bell, so every little bump created "jingling" all the way! Thankfully, the Sisters traveling with me to the next show do not sport a single bell.....but I hope that they are praying for a successful show!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Introducing the shops of....

Karen Gunna, of Karen Gunna Designs.  Karen shows her work through two websites, including an "Etsy" shop. Her bags are unique in their exclusive use of genuine leather and metal zippers. Lots of little compartments for storing all that we need to carry are also a trademark of Karen's work. Many of the styles are available in unique color combinations to suit personal preferences. She also creates a number of smaller items, like jewel pouches, and change purses at very reasonable prices for such long-wearing articles. To see Karen in person with her lovely collection of leather goods, be sure to visit the "One of a Kind" show and sale in Toronto this November and early December!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Take to the Heavens....

with "Sister Skye Ryder". Once upon a time, there was a special client "sister", who met a very handsome prince...I mean, pilot, who came into town to do a demonstration for a local event. This particular "sister" had the good fortune to meet this man, and have her photo taken with him. Wanting to mark the wonderful occasion, the lovely lady requested that a special "Sister" be created, perhaps with an orange airplane. Alas, this little plane could not be found, so the prize photo of the happy couple was printed in a smaller size, laminated for posterity, and "Sister Skye Ryder" sported an orange scarf to match that of the prince, I mean, pilot!
   And, if you would like a chance to see the sort of work that this pilot does, have a look at this video. 
I have a feeling that my good friend who finally received her own sister after ordering them for many of her friends, family, etc., has her special sister in full view....and that she watches this video often!! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Activity in the "Sisterhood"....

has been brisk of late! Of course, doing all of the work that should have been done earlier in the year is part of the reason! The last shows, sales online, getting ready for another show or two....(or pending!), and doing up some custom orders have made for a busy time indeed! I don't know when I found time to work full time before!
  However, all of this activity and my personal quota list has left me behind in my effort to blog...although I have lots of plans. Look for upcoming recipes from the kitchen of "Mother Souperior", and also some book selections from "Sister Rita Story"....
  So many ideas, so little time!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Sister" for a Day!

The annual "Art in the Park" show was held yesterday, and the weather could not have been better! It was a beautiful day to spend in the park, visiting with customers, and friends, and also for making the occasional sale! Many "Sisters" left the "order" yesterday, along with some of the other items created. All of the angst of preparing needed items to have enough for a show disappeared because, really, there is always enough, no matter how much time I think I needed to make more! 
   One of the features for the outdoor shows (which I have trimmed down to one show a year!)  is the gigantic nun that is propped on a garden trellis, not only to advertise the booth, but also to allow customers to be "a nun for a day". Lots of photos taken yesterday by visitors to the park, and thanks to cellphones these days, there was always a chance to capture the image. Thanks to "Sister Carol" for being the model for this shot!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Show of the Season... needless to say, I am busy trying to meet my personal quotas! WAY behind on that, but as the weather cools, the nights get longer, and maybe a few rainy days thrown in here somewhere, I am sure that the next show will have more of what I had in mind. In addition to the "Sisters", I usually show a number of Santas, angels, snowfolk, and unique ornaments. The "Sisters" and I have been spending so much time together that the other characters are weaker in number this year! However, it is harder to concentrate on holiday items when summer is here! Hopefully, will post a picture of customers posing in the life-size nun cut-out I had made for shows....look for that next week!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Book Journal

Both "Sister Rita Story" and I love to read. In fact, the main attraction of the summer is spending time on the deck, enjoying many books that have been waiting to be read. Usually, I find that I have read too much and produced too little....this year is no exception!
  A lovely little library is very near my fact, no more than a two-minute walk. That does not stop me from spending the grocery money on books, nor does it mean that I pay less for late fees for my overdue books. The stack of books waiting to be read is tall, no matter what the season.
   Occasionally, I find myself finding a book particularly familiar, only to find out half-way through the book that it was, in fact, one I had already read. Therefore, about five years ago, I started a "book journal"....which was a great idea for writing a little synopsis of the book, and giving it my own personal "rating". The only problem was, I found, that it was not in alphabetical I started reading another pre-read book today because I did not notice the title in the journal. Finally, I began making a list of books read according to author. Perhaps this will keep me from re-reading the same book more than once, although I am great at predicting outcomes in the plot when this happens! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Month's Winner...

of the draw for the "Fullabean" Angel is Sue from Barton's Originals. She received this prize through posting comments on the site through the month of August. Thanks to Sue and others who took the time to do so!
  A draw for another item from "Nun of a Kind" (to be announced) will take place at the end of October. To have your name entered in the draw, simply comment on any blog entry posted here this month and throughout September. No limit to the entries, so comment often and increase your chances!