Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorting things out!

For the past two lovely days, I have been trying to "sort out" my workroom. Sadly, the photo that you see here is not my workroom. Would that it would be so organized and lovely. Just look at how organized and neat this is! A dream come true for me to be this "together"!
   However, I recently purchased the most wonderful shelf unit which is technically a "sorter", with 36 "bins" with labels, and which are on a slant so everything can be viewed for easy selection. Every "nun" trim is now in a bin, about to be labelled, and in theory, should make my life easier as I am in "full production" for the season ahead. I also found out all of the trims I never need to purchase again, because in sorting things out, realized that some items would be purchased just because I couldn't find the other ones! The zip-loc baggies in a bin were just not solving the problem.
  And as for this photo, courtesy of "Flickr", I had to download it as a dream of what could be....


  1. Very very very nice!!! Given my disorganized life I find that very appealing. hehe Good luck with your organization project!!

  2. I want to see a photo of your new shelf unit next!

  3. I'm in the middle of reorganizing my studio (it's been on-going for some time now - it's never ending!) and wow, this picture is so inspiring!

    I can't wait to see your new installation :)