Monday, August 31, 2009

Luck of the Draw!!

I received wonderful news the other day! I was the winner in Canadian Rockies' newsletter giveaway! Nathalie, from Canadian Rockies, offered this lovely "Anora" chainmaille necklace as the prize given on her birthday! Out of all of the readers who subscribed to her awesome newsletter , I was the lucky winner!! I will be looking forward to receiving this lovely necklace and wearing it often...and telling everyone of my luck! Now, if that luck would just extend a little further...there are a few lottery tickets I haven't checked yet! This could just be the start! :)


  1. I certainly hope that your luck will extend to your lottery tickets! Now that would be terrific :)

    Congratulations on being the winner of my giveaway!


  2. It's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!! :)