Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad Hair Day!

I can totally understand the "habit" thing when it comes to hair. There was certainly wisdom in thinking out this garb when it comes to female vanity. (even though it was quite the opposite in the true intention of the veil!) 
  "Sister Curlotta", although an excellent hairstylist herself, has witnessed several bad cuts, colors, perms (yikes!), etc.  How many "sisters" haven't come home from an appointment wishing that they could wear a hat for the next three weeks while the color tones down, the "perm" relaxes (thank goodness the perm days are over!), or the cut grows out a bit. Add to that the fact that we usually smile and thank the stylist and even tip them for the service rendered. The news of a good hairstylist spreads like wildfire in a community, and one is almost afraid to share the name because it makes getting an appointment very difficult! It seems we always want the type of hair that we don't have. Making a stylist laugh while you show her a picture of the desired look is also a "heads up" that perhaps you don't have the hair type, thickness, etc.  Bad sign. 
   So thank goodness for hats, bandannas, hairbands, anything that we can do to hide the occasional bad result from a trip to the salon....but wanting to wear a nun's habit for that reason alone probably means that you don't have a "calling"! 

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