Thursday, July 9, 2009

New "Sisters" custom-made....

One of the biggest challenges (and the most fun!) is to create a special "Sister" for someone who wishes to give one as a gift, or to commemorate someone. Incorporating ideas from the customer, and keeping in touch through email, etc., allows for the special touches needed for that item. Before actually completing the transaction, a series of digital photos is sent so that the customer can see if the newly created sister is appropriate, and perhaps, additional changes are made if need be. Recently, I have had two special for a woman who sounds very owner of a restaurant, who loves wine, carries a huge handbag loaded with her "essentials", and also follows various diets. Because this is a gift that has not yet been received, I will not post the picture at this point, but will tell you that the custom sister has a wine cork in her hands, her list of "Diets du jour", a sign from the restaurant, (thanks to a website), and a handbag which I created, and which appears to be filled with many objects. Fun to make up, and I hope that she enjoys her gift...
   The second sister is a skipping nun, made in memory of an actual nun who did enjoy skipping. The rope is wired, as are the arms, to allow for flexibility and posing. This "Sister" bears the name of the lady who inspired this custom work.
   Many of the "Sisters" pictured in the website  started out as a custom sister....someone needing a gift for their hairdresser, their massage therapist, an actress, etc.  Most of the fun is in creating the name, which usually involves puns. So, as my friends do, when we are chatting about new additions to the "order", put your "thinking caps" on, and see how many crazy names/concepts you manage to create! Would love to hear your ideas, and maybe create that special sister for you!

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  1. The custom orders can be really fun and can really stretch one's imagination. Love the skipping sister, and the other one (with all the accessories) sounds wonderful!

    Have a fabulous weekend!