Friday, July 31, 2009

Monthly Blog Giveaway!

This past month was the first month of a blog giveaway. Those who visited the site, and left a comment were eligible for a chance to win this month's prize. This month, it was for a "Sister" of your choice from the "Nun of a Kind" Collection. I am pleased to announce this month's winner! It is Beth from "Indie North"!  Beth will receive her special sister once she has a chance to make a decision! Thanks to all who made a comment during the month of July. The new giveaway begins tomorrow and the rules are the same. Simply leave a comment to receive your "ballot" for the draw! No limits throughout the month, so feel free to enter often. Also, if you would like to have one of your creations advertised as a giveaway on this blog, simply contact me through a comment, or through the website, and I would be glad to add these items to the monthly giveaways!
  For those readers in Canada, enjoy the long weekend! 

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