Friday, July 3, 2009

A Little Giveaway....!

Each year, I make several "Sister Mary Christmas" ornaments, and am in the midst of preparing a supply for the upcoming shows. This ornament was the very first of the "Nun of a Kind" Collection, and was prepared as a Christmas gift for some of my son's teachers. The school had been involved with various musicals, and one of them was a rendition of "Sister Act".  Since then, this little ornament has graced many a tree, and last year, during the pre-Christmas season, customers were ordering them "en masse". (whoops, Catholic pun there!) 
    If you would like to be one of the three people to whom I send an early ornament, simply leave me a comment on this blog, mentioning which "sister" of the "Nun of a Kind" collection (here is the website!) is your favorite. The selection will be made next Wednesday, July 8th! Winning even one little ornament is better than.....nun!


  1. Hard to choose, all the sisters are so wonderfully whimsical. My favorite, I think, is Joan of Art.

    I would love to win one of your sister ornaments!

    Hope your weekend is going well!

  2. I can only choose one? I love Nuns 'N' Roses and am currently trying to choose between Reverend Mother of Purl and Queen Mother Superior for a Christmas gift for my own mother.

    If you create a writing sister I'll be first in line to get one each for myself and my writing partner as a mascot. :-)

  3. Thanks to both "Susans"....I do have a writing sister in the "works"...Sister Iva Story, with pencil and writing tablet, and a poet, Sister Leanne Rhymes...coming soon to a convent near you! (seriously, have to get the pictures taken.) Will be in touch about your ornament prizes!

  4. I think my favourite has to be Nun of the Above - so angelic!

  5. Love the idea of Sister Iva Story. I try to check in regularly, but can you send me an email when she is available? I'll wait and order my Christmas gift for my mum and Sister Iva together.

    You could hang on to the ornament and include it with my order to save on postage if you want.

    So excited to have a new ornament for the Christmas tree this year.

  6. Thanks, Susan....I will let you know when "Sister" is ready! Will send your ornament along with it.
    Ornaments also to Sue @ Barton's Originals, and to Shazzabeth Creations....please send mailing info to the "Etsy" site or "Nun of a Kind" email! Thanks so much!!