Sunday, July 12, 2009

Airline Woes!

Sister Hedda Farr, the traveling sister, has had her share of unfortunate experiences and has had to deal with airlines, on occasion, for missing luggage. However, had to share with you the story of a fellow Canadian, who happened to notice his luggage, (his guitar, in particular), was being tossed about as it was loaded on the aircraft. He complained to the airline, but had little satisfaction with the situation, even though his precious guitar was damaged in the incident. Finally, he put his complaints to music, and featured a video on "You Tube". It has been viewed by over a million people by now, and yes, the airline has agreed to compensate him, and is even going to use the video in a training situation. 
   A musician I know very well has had unfortunate experiences with his guitar as "checked baggage" on his many flights, and now has a plan when his instrument is "flying" with him. The situation is certainly more serious than ordinary lost luggage, particularly if it is necessary for earning your living. However, losing all of my "stuff" for even a few days was bad enough! :)


  1. it's a cool stuff...

    can i get one ??

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  2. Lovers of coffee from Russia are very happy to see your dolls
    I hope you do not mind that the Russian kofemany now know about you, and be able to buy these works? Thank you very much.

  3. Thank you for posting my "sister" at this site! Interesting that these little creations are getting places that likely I never will! Thanks again!

  4. Linda, I have an award for you on my blog. Come and get it! *grin*