Friday, June 19, 2009

Introducing....the "Snoop" Sisters!

This past Christmas, a customer ordered ten special "Sisters" for her friends....each of these friends being an member of a group called "The Snoop Sisters". The sisters created were unique to each of these ladies, and were to carry a small magnifying glass in addition to their individual trims. Earlier this week, I was sent this delightful picture of most of the "Snoop Sisters" in their garb, and each carrying their special "sister". These fine ladies get together every year to participate in the "Relay for Life", a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. 
   The "Snoop Sisters" earned their name from their brother-in-law, Gary, because of a visit he made to a casino. He was spotted there by one of the girls, and word spread to the others in the group. Later on, when asked if he had won any money, he was dumbfounded as to how this information had become known. It occurred to him that one of the girls must have seen him, and he commented, "It must have been those darn "snoop sisters"! " The nickname "stuck", as the girls continued to "catch" this fellow in various incidents, and pass along the information!
   This year, the "Snoop Sisters" dedicated the first lap of their participation in the "Relay for Life" to Gary, who passed away this year after a 25 year battle with cancer. His original diagnosis was that he would have two years to live, and his survival for many years beyond that diagnosis was a result of his positive attitude and his strong will to live. 
   Thanks to the "Snoop Sisters" for allowing me to share their story, and the inspiration of a fun-loving man named Gary...


  1. Linda, what an inspiring and wonderful story! Love the pic of the Snoop Sisters (with their own
    'sister') and also the story of how they got their name!

  2. It must have been so much fun creating this special sisters collection. This post is like stories within stories. Truly inspiring.

  3. Great inspirational story. something about Nuns makes me smile. I think it's the "Maria" song from The Sound of Music. Love It!