Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Talented Artisan!!

   Because this "Sister" is always drawn to shiny, beautiful pieces of jewelry, I would like to introduce you to another "Etsy" shop....that of Studio 618
   Here you will find handmade modern jewelry, and Judaica, using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Gemstones that are used are hand selected by this artisan to ensure quality, and her work is guaranteed to please! She also does custom, "one of a kind" pieces!
   Pictured is a beautiful bookmark....what a wonderful gift for any reading enthusiast! The "clematis" bracelets also have a matching ring in her shop. The final piece is my favorite...this unique swirl ring, that may have to find its way into my personal collection someday! 


  1. Linda, thank you for featuring this artist - I just visited her shop, beautiful and unique jewelry. That swirl ring above is fabulous!

  2. I agree! That swirl ring is also her avatar for her shop. She is very talented and artistic!