Thursday, May 14, 2009


Quick post to note that I have been "tagged" by Sue at "Barton Originals". (you should visit her blog just to see the great photos that she unearths for her blog!!) 
  Here is what I am supposed to do....mention the person who "tagged" me (Sue!) and link back to her blog...and then I am supposed to "tag" six other blogs...will have to get to this part later, but for now, will complete the part of the "tag" that is about me....
   Six things that make me happy....
     1. family and friends
     2. good books
     3. creating in my soon as it gets back together!
     4. finding "deals" while "thrift" shopping....(and trying to limit the purchases to what I really will use
     5. Purging the extra items that I no longer need (including some of the treasures I found while "thrifting"....)
     6. Phone calls and emails from my son.
Please comment with your own personal "six"!!'re "it"!


  1. LOL...I can SO relate to your #4 and #5 points!


  2. nice to know a little more about you!!! :)