Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sister Mary Sunshine, reminding you to....

wear your sunscreen/sunblock! It is amazing how fast the sun can change the color of your skin, even just while in a car, or incidental bits of time spent outdoors. Not wanting to minimalize what can become a serious situation, it is still necessary to point out that....
  1. You can't just own the sunscreen or buy the have to actually apply it! (buying and owning things like diet books and cookbooks do, however, work by osmosis that way...)
  2. You have to apply enough sunscreen to make it effective. 
  3. You have to re-apply most sunscreens after being in water.
  4. You should not use sunscreen that is "expired". (the sunscreen you bought in 1998, for that southern vacation you had, should be replaced.)
5. Avoid the sun during the late morning, early afternoon, if at all possible. 

Sister Mary Sunshine makes sure that she has been covered liberally in sunscreen, and wears a protective hat and glasses to set a good example. You may or may not choose to wear a habit to the beach, though!


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  2. LOL...a very wise and humourous post! (I have to confess I am guilty of using very old