Monday, May 18, 2009

Dad's Garden...

was planted six years ago, after Dad passed away. Some very thoughtful friends and co-workers purchased plants in his honor, and that summer, this little garden was created. The red-bud tree looks particularly wonderful at this time of year, and was one given to me by a very dear friend. Thankfully, despite my limited gardening skills, the tree and the other plants in the garden still survive...even though I have a bad "habit" of crowding too many plants in one spot! 
   Dad was a very intelligent self-made man who could build, fix, carve anything...a very talented man in so many ways. Sadly, he developed Alzheimer's disease which progressed rapidly, which robbed him of his memory to do all of the things that he liked to do, and caused a very long farewell.  He loved to spend time in the garden, and it is fitting that he have such a memorial in my garden!


  1. What a thoughtful and loving way to create a lasting memorial to someone special. It looks like a beautiful spot.

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! I am sorry about your Dad, however I'm sure whenever you enjoy this memorial garden, you have fond memories of him. Beautiful!

  3. I love this idea, thanks so much for posting it Linda! Alzheimers is such a sad way for everyone involved, but how absolutely fitting that a garden should pay tribute to your dad by growing stronger & more colourful as the years go on.