Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cleaning house....

is the crabgrass in the lawn of life. Sister Immaculata has learned some clever tips that she would like to pass on about housekeeping in general....and no, she didn't get them from Martha!
  *When hosting a party, make sure that the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless. For the other rooms, just turn down the light, light the candles, and make sure that the liquid refreshments are flowing!
  *Tell visitors/friends/family that your venetian blinds are made of white velvet. (unless you really have time to clean those dust magnets!)
  *When unexpected guests arrive, throw on a coat, grab your bag, and just tell them you were on your way out....
   *always keep the vacuum cleaner in a visible room, and tell guests that you were just in the middle of cleaning.
 *always keep a large variety of "get well" cards on the mantle, or anywhere else in plain view. How can you possibly clean when you have been "under the weather"?

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  1. OMG....I LOVE these! I had read of the first one before (and actually have done it), but the ones following are hilarious and may actually work!