Friday, May 22, 2009

Art in the Garden!

If you might be looking for a "one tank" trip in southwestern Ontario, consider visiting "Winter Wheat" near Sparta, Ontario. Not only will you be able to view some of Lucy Ogletree's folk art, and a great collection of decorating accents in the shop, but you can freely wander the grounds and see how "garden art" at its best. There is even a little house at which to stop and enjoy some free refreshments! Our little group combined other visits in the neighborhood...two wineries, a tea room in Aylmer for a great lunch, and a visit to Linda Sanderson's Studio in Sparta as well. A wonderful way to spend a day with friends!
     Next time you are removing a tree from your property, you might want to consider not removing the whole tree, and "dolling it up" like the one at Winter Wheat! A very clever use of those facial features that you can apply to a tree and adding a potted plant at the top for a hat was clever indeed!  Makes me appreciate the creative nature that some people have to dream up such an idea. In the meantime, I just might borrow a few of those ideas myself!

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  1. Sounds like a great 'one tank' trip! Going to check and see how close Sparta is to me. Ha...we have a trunk of a two-trunk birch that we had to cut down, maybe I should dress it up?

    Wishing you a great weekend!