Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another test!

Just in case you don't have enough to do, please take the time to try to do this test. Everyone once in a while, these sorts of activities are forwarded to my mailbox, and I am doomed if I open the link....usually because I have to try it a few times in order to have any success! 
   Interested in reading any comments from those who try this test, and are willing to share their results. (notice, I have not shared mine....nor did I share just how many times it took me to complete the test to indicate any level of intelligence!)
  Have fun!


  1. ooops! I clicked on the link to do the test and got a big red warning from McAfee, so I quickly backed away. :(

    Too bad, I like doing these things and usually find out I'm not nearly as smart as I think I am LOL

  2. So sorry that happened! It is a great little game, and seems just fine on my issues, but sometimes those programs like McAfee are extra cautious...just as well, it probably saved you from spending at least an hour trying out that game! :)

  3. first try - 88%- missed the last one. What's so difficult, oh great teacher? (I don't intend to let on that this test appeared on my computer a few weeks ago, and I perfected my score at that time)

  4. Sister Carmel Popcorn....methinks that you need to go to confession for making that sin of omission about the test practice!!
    Seriously, I have no spacial awareness, so it took me a while!!