Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring, Art, and Artisans...

all found at this year's "One of a Kind" spring show in Toronto. Despite a rainy, miserable drive to Toronto to see this year's show, the world inside the show made it all worth while. There was, as usual, so much to see and some ingenious work from the vendors involved. One display, incorporating many artisans, was from Prince Edward County in Ontario. This involved people who did metal work, unique quilted articles, various fibre art forms, and some really unique bird nests for decor purposes. Another very interesting booth had items from "Alphabet Photography" of items in nature and architecture which look like letters, and when placed together, spelled whatever you wish...a name, words like "family", etc.  Also, had the chance to meet Jen from "Crumb designs" with whom I have had many email "conversations". There is one day remaining in this year's show. If you are not able to attend the spring show, it is likely that many of these artisans will be back for the Christmas show which is in late November. 
  So much to see.....and buy!!


  1. I won't make it to the show this time, but I will check their website for what I'm missing!

  2. I couldn't make it this year. :(

    Maybe at Christmas time, although I missed last Christmas too. Did you end up buying anything? Post pics!

  3. Good idea! I didn't buy too much, but will try to take some pictures of what I did buy!

  4. sounds like a fantastic event!!!